Frequently asked questions about One Stage application is posted.

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Q1How can I start the project?
A1Click "New Project", select in order of number of people to use and stage size, and click the "start" button at the end.
Q2How do I load save files?
A2Please click on any file from the save file list.
Q3How do I drop an application?
A3Select "One Stage" on the navigation bar and click "Quit One Stage".
Q4I clicked the whole screen icon and it turned into the whole screen. How can I undo it?
A4Please press the "esc" button on the keyboard.
Q5Can music be imported directly from iTunes?
A5No, you can’t.
A6Please click the Plus button on the bottom, note note mark. Then the pop-up in the PC will appear, so you can choose from there.※In addition, it is necessary to save music data directly to the folder etc. on the desktop.
Q7How can I change the color of a person?
A7Double click on the right side, the left of the name table, circle icon. Then the color palette will appear so you can change it from there.
Q8Can I save a form once marked?
A8Click the "USER PRESET" tab at the bottom right of the screen.Optionally enter a name in the table and save it by clicking "Save" button.When using, please select "Move" button on the left side of any save formation.
Q9How can I save the data?
A9Select "Project" in the navigation bar, click "Save Project", fill in the project name and click "Save" button.
* Please do not move the save folder from the specified directory after saving.