1. Step 01

    Select songs from the application

    You will import your favorite songs.
    Just press the + button to select a song.
    Since the song title is displayed, you can tell at a glance what you captured.

  2. Step 02

    Placement of objects

    You will put your members on the stage.
    Since it is possible to appear up to 30 people, it will be available in a wide range of scenes.

  3. Step 03

    Objects can move to songs

    Let's simulate your members according to songs.
    Save according to the timeline and form formation as you like.

  4. Step 04

    You can share the completed simulation

    It is unusual to stop the completed simulation by yourself.
    Would you like to download the data and send it to everyone?
    I'm sure that you should be able to do an efficient job.